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Brands We Love - Meet Ruchi of Toyroom

Brands We Love - Meet Ruchi of Toyroom

Meet Ruchi Shaikh, the founder of Toyroom, known for its wooden toys sold at The Nestery.
Tell us a bit about yourselves, Ruchi.
Hello, I am Ruchi Shaikh. I used to work in Sales, Marketing and Media, pre-Toyroom. I am also a parent to two girls.
My husband Rehan, often jokes that I only started this company so I could provide my own kids good toys and I agree, they were my inspiration! :)
Rehan has been a constant support in shaping Toyroom by being an unpaid legal/strategy/design/financial advisor.
I also owe a lot to Anitha - my woman Friday, who has worked tirelessly on handling all operational aspects, since Toyroom was founded.
What led you to start Toyroom?
Our two year stint in Germany - we were struck by the mindfulness of parents, teachers and caregivers there, in choosing products for their children! Toys were looked at as an integral part of their child's overall growth and development and bought only after careful consideration. The toys were also, very often integrated seamlessly into the education system to teach important life skills or educational concepts.
This led me to start Toyroom, to bring quality toys to Indian caregivers. The name Toyroom was a representation of what we wanted an ideal “toyroom” to house.
What makes Toyroom unique?
It would have to be our emphasis on:
a. Using natural, child safe materials.
b. Designing any product with just two core uses – more uses, and kids are overwhelmed.
c. Ensuring the toy grows with your child, and that it is open ended, to promote free play.
d. Keeping the toys gender neutral.
What are Toyroom’s values?
Simplicity and creativity. We put the fun back into playtime!
Why is Toyroom at The Nestery?
Mainly - Vaishnavi!
It was such a pleasure to come across a fellow parent with a similar point of view on parenting and everything children! She is very approachable and genuine and is happy to help with anything - Nestery related or otherwise.
And the team is so dedicated to bringing value to customers rather than just being another portal to buy on!
Check out Toyroom’s Toys at The Nestery here –
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