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Brands We Love - Meet Shitij and Priyanka of CocoMoco Kids

Brands We Love - Meet Shitij and Priyanka of CocoMoco Kids

Meet Priyanka Prabhakar, and Shitij Malhotra, the brains behind the brand CocoMoco Kids, an unique brand that designs and sells educational and fun games for children at The Nestery.

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the people behind CocoMoco Kids!

We are Priyanka Prabhakar and Shitij Malhotra, the founders of CocoMoco Kids. We started CocoMoco Kids to teach kids about the beautiful world around them, through games and educational puzzles.⠀

Tell us the story behind the conception and evolution of CocoMoco Kids!

When we started, all toy stores were stocked with games like UNO, Monopoly, etc which we played as kids, with very few imported toys available. We decided to make games 100% made in India for kids to enjoy international quality games and give them access to more fun toys and games!

CocoMoco Kids is named after our dog Coco. Coco was a dachshund (as you can see, the logo is his silhouette). He sat in our office every day and even sat through our meetings! He was our Chief Security Officer.

Coco passed away in March 2019, and he lives through CocoMoco Kids :)

What makes CocoMoco Kids unique?

We have a lot of geography and travel games that we are known for. Our World Box is one of the best ways to learn geography through fun. We are quality and design led, proudly made in India. Our games and DIY kits are popular return gifts.

What values does CocoMoco Kids espouse?

CocoMoco Kids believes learning CAN and SHOULD be fun! We believe in good quality, well designed games for kids - games and DIY kits to engage kids for long hours, thereby reducing screen time!

What convinced you to list CocoMoco Kids on The Nestery?

Vaishnavi (founder of The Nestery) takes personal interest in curating all products to sell to parents. When someone puts in the efforts to sell the right products to the parents, we can't miss partnering with them!

See the complete range of CocoMoco Kid's game collection here at The Nestery - (

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