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Brands We Love - Meet Shouger of The Story Merchants

Brands We Love - Meet Shouger of The Story Merchants

Meet Shouger Merchant Doshi of The Story Merchants (TSM), a brand which develops children's products in the early learning space!⠀

Tell us a bit about yourself, and the team behind TSM.⠀

We are a mother-daughter duo who are passionate about the power of stories. My mother - Kareena Merchant is the creative head, while I, Shouger, handle the business and marketing end of TSM.⠀

The Story Merchants harnesses the power of stories and story telling to develop early learning products. How did this idea come about?⠀

At TSM, we believe storytelling is the oldest and purest form of early learning.⠀

When we set out to develop TSM, we realised that there were virtually no toys in the mainstream market that were associated with stories and books – we simply needed to step in here and create games that made children reach out for a book first!⠀

The average Indian 4 year old’s education is so focused on learning numbers and alphabets while vocabulary and fluency of language falls behind. Our products focus on bridging this gap, by developing early learning skills in children from as little as 6 months to older children aged 10 years.⠀

Books are a significant part of the storytelling experience and play an important role in developing our kids’ imagination, and that’s why they find a place in our logo – a tent made of books under which a child is reading.⠀

What makes TSM’s range of products unique?⠀⠀

TSM’s games are not a one and done experience – they can be played again and again and every time the stories can be changed! That, and the fact that our products focus on developing your child’s oral fluency and vocabulary without being heavy on your pocket.⠀

What is the underlying philosophy behind each of TSM’s products?⠀

Children must learn while playing. Each of our products are fun and entertaining, while educating the child as well in small ways.⠀

Why list at The Nestery?⠀

We are happy to be partnering with The Nestery, because we simply love the curation here!⠀

Check out the range of early learning products by The Story Merchants at The Nestery here -

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