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Brands We Love - Meet Shub of The Hungry Palette

Brands We Love - Meet Shub of The Hungry Palette

Meet Shub, the face behind The Hungry Palette, creator of the book series Let’s Talk Trash.


Hello Shub! A quick introduction for our followers, please?

I'm Shub - I'm a writer-illustrator currently living in Hyderabad with my husband and little big girl! I'm passionate about low-impact living and sustainability. I love to draw and paint and began to do more of this 4-5 years back while I was in a full-time IT job. I took a break three years back and now freelance illustration is what I do, full time.


We love your logo! Tell us a bit about how THP came to be?

Illustrating food is something I really enjoy, and I love wordplay, so THP is a natural extension of that! As for the logo, it's a palette with loads of colour lent to it not by paint, but by food!

I stumbled upon the whole zero-waste lifestyle 3-4 years ago, and was really fascinated by it. It took me back to my childhood - buying milk in our own vessel and so many memories related to my parents’ and grandparents’ sustainable practices! This idea of a short illustrated project ended up becoming a little handbook, and an activity book.

I strongly believe that kids have this wonderful tendency to call you out if you preach what you don't practice, so I think this is a good way to get the entire family mindful about sustainability.


What makes THP’s Lets Talk Trash books unique?

My simple illustrations that focus on delivering the message of sustainability to kids.


What values does THP stand for?

Art for awareness, Art for fun.


Why list on The Nestery?

I love the careful curation of products, from the book sets to the toys. They fit exactly with the ethos of the Let's Talk Trash project, and it's definitely the sort of shop that I (occasional but mindful shopper) would like to shop at.


To see Shub’s Let’s Talk Trash series of books, head here – (

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