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Brands We Love - Meet Simon Jacob of Toiing!

Brands We Love - Meet Simon Jacob of Toiing!

Meet Simon Jacob, founder of Toiing, an imaginative toy brand with an Indian soul, listed at The Nestery!⠀

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind Toiing!⠀

Toiing was founded by two IIM-K alumni - Simon Jacob (I) and Kartik Talwar. After leaving our high-paying MNC jobs, Kartik and I started an ad agency called The Bucketlist, where we worked at building new brands. Applying our learning to build Toiing, we’ve successfully created a community of parents who are now evangelizing Toiing for its unique concepts, engaging games and thoughtful communication.⠀

Being a parent myself, I know just how much parents struggle with multi-tasking, with little time left to plan a fun time with kids. Toiing fulfills the need for thoughtful toys that meaningfully engage kids and parents alike. Our toys are often tested by my kids for a first-hand review before getting launched in the market!⠀

Why "Toiing"?! And how did you get the idea to start Toiing?⠀

As a parent, I struggled to find meaningful and engaging toys in the market. Thus, began the Toiing journey! Toiing toys and games are designed first with a parent’s perspective, and then from a toy maker’s perspective - an approach that helps create toys and games for raising emotionally intelligent children.⠀

We wanted a unique and fun name which also sums up what we're trying to do. Toiing is a fun play on the word ‘toying’!⠀

The Toiing logo is a speech bubble to symbolize how our toys enable conversations and laughter.⠀

What makes Toiing unique?⠀

Toiing believes in the Power of Play to make children better individuals. Did you know that play can help learn valuable skills like patience, perseverance, kindness, positivity, and teamwork?⠀

What are Toiing’s values?⠀

Innovation (of products), Collaboration (with parents and story-tellers) and Accessibility (to parents)!⠀

Why list Toiing at The Nestery?⠀

We think Nestery’s community of care-givers will benefit greatly from Toiing’s eclectic range of toys and we, as a brand get the perfect audience to reach out to!⠀

Head here to see Nestery’s curated collection of Toiing! –
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