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Brands We Love- Meet Team Awesome Place

Brands We Love- Meet Team Awesome Place


Q1. How and why did you get started on the idea of this brand?

In 2015, we as parents of Ira and Neil, felt there is no place in India where we can sit and catchup on important stuff while giving kids a screen free time and engage them in a safe and secure environment. While day cares and nannies exist––they came with long term commitment and contracts. Awesome place's activity centre was created to give parents a break from parenting for a short while and engaged kids in various play and learn activities. 

Q2. Tell us the story behind the name of your brand?

Awesome place - Parent is a play and activity centre based in Bengaluru. It was created with the idea of giving parents a break while the kids are engaged with play+learn and also DIY(Do & Design yourself). The idea of taking the concept online occurred during pandemic and most of our DIY concepts are supplied online as Kits with video and manual instructions. We believed exploration and learning shouldn't stop come what may.
We help kids make Awesome stuff at home. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Our DIY KITS integrate hands-on activities, imaginative play and real life experiences which foster learning at each age level.

Q3.What, according to you, makes Awesome Place unique and standout?

Constant innovation, top-notch quality of material used, and kits for every age group.

Q4. What values do your brand stand for?

Awesome Place stands for safety, quality and accountability

Q5.Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind the brand!

I, Varsha Joshi, come from a corporate background, I worked as an analyst in Oracle India for few years, and in an investment banking firm in London for another 6 years. I love exploring, travelling, learning and doing things everyday either with my kids or on my own. First few years after my kids were born when I had very limited help in terms of resources like google I went on collecting information from various forums and playgroups on books to read for babies to collecting journals from local hospitals around me. It really helped me to grow as a mum. The learning never stopped with kids and the more time I have spent with them and their friends, the more I realise that kids are always very enthusiastic about learning and exploring new things. Most parents around struggled with keeping their children engaged. My partner Uday Jose, is a go-getter and strategist while I take care of curating ideas, research, marketing. We have another partner Vinod TG who looks after finances and ensures our bottom line of the business is in check.

Q5.What convinced you to list your brand on The Nestery? 

It's curated and the need of the hour for every parent. The listings are to the point. It is a one stop solution for every parent in India and everywhere in the India.

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