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Brands We Love- Meet Team Gobble Wobble

Brands We Love- Meet Team Gobble Wobble


Q1. How and why did you get started on the idea of Gobble Wobble?

We are two mums(and friends), Vadhana & Nandini who have started Gobble Wobble. We've always had a shared fondness for millets given that it has been a staple food in both our homes since we were children. We wanted to pass that on to our children in food formats that appealed to them and yet was healthy.

Q2. Tell us a little bit about YOU, the people behind the brand!

We have been friends for a decade now and we've always wanted to venture into a business that was close to our hearts, aligned with our own principles and gave us a sense of purpose where we could make a difference based on our own personal experiences.

Q3. Tell us the story behind the name and logo of Gobble Wobble?

Gobble Wobble - we wanted a name that was unique but also fun and appealing to kids and parents( now we love the way kids say it). The logo itself is a representation of a millet.

Q4. What, according to you, makes your brand unique and standout?

We've used a whole variety of millets and come up with a breakfast cereal and snack that tastes really good. It is wholesome yet delicious. And it is affordable!

Q5. What values does Gobble Wobble stand for?

We've made a promise to make foods without preservatives, maida, trans fats and MSG. And an oath not to take this millet power lightly!


Q6. What convinced you to list your brand on The Nestery? 

I've purchased products on The Nestery for my little 3 year old son. Its always been a good experience.

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