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Brands We Love- Meet Team Kaaddoo

Brands We Love- Meet Team Kaaddoo

Q1. Tell us the story behind the name and logo of Kaadoo?

"Kaadoo" is a play on the word "Kaadu", which means jungle or forest in a few South Indian languages including Kannada, which represents the underlying wildlife or nature theme of most of the games in our portfolio. The objective of these games is to engender a feeling of curiosity and awe in the natural world around us and open people's eyes, especially children's, to the importance of wildlife and our relationship with it for the continued sustenance of this planet.

The logo represents wildlife, however, what deserves attention is our mascot - Kaadoo Papa. She is a Slender Loris popularly referred to as "Paapa" in Kannada. She is an endangered species endemic to the Western Ghats and its adjacent areas. She is a night prowler with large, protruding eyes (evolved for enhanced night vision). Although she is a very shy, harmless creature, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths about the species which partly explain her endangered status. We decided to adopt her as our mascot with the fond hope that this will spark some positive, favorable interest in the species.


Q2. How and why did you get started on the idea of this brand?

The genesis of the idea was the result of the founding team's passion for wildlife. More specifically, the germ of the idea for our first product, The Big Game (which essentially takes the players on jungle safaris across different geographies and biospheres like the Nilgiris, African Savannah, the Tundra, the Arctic, Central India, Rann, etc) came about during a visit to the Kabini region. Following preliminary research, we realised that there were no board games that enabled people to explore these ecological hotspots in a fun and engaging way. This resulted in the conceptualisation of our first two releases of The Big Game series - Nilgiris and the East African Savannah.

Q3. What, according to you, makes your brand unique and standout?

The international standard in quality, creative visualisation, and distinct edutainment factor derived from nature, all designed around the curious minds of our consumers - children, helps us stand apart.

Q4. What values do your brand stand for?

Creativity, Continuous learning, and Customer Obsession

Q5. Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind the Kaadoo!

There isn't just one person but a talented team of creators, parents, wildlife enthusiasts, and avid board game players behind our homegrown brand. We dived deep into our childhood, our passion for the planet, and our desire to introduce wildlife to children around the world in a non-threatening, engaging, and educational way. We hand-crafted the first games, improvising on the rules, creating cards, and working with parents & children to develop our passion for the product. We achieved this under the guidance of Diinesh Kumble and Ganesh Subramaniam, the Directors of the company.

Q6. What convinced you to list your brand on The Nestery? Why do you love us, do tell us!

We identified a common passion between us - customer obsession. The Nestery understands parents and children, what they need, and what can help them grow. Our goals mirror yours, combined with the excellent shopping experience, offerings, educational content, support, and the evident passion to offer nothing but the best.

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