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Brands We Love - Meet Team Shumee

Brands We Love - Meet Team Shumee

Today, we are in conversation with Meeta, founder of Shumee!⠀

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind Shumee!⠀

I am Meeta, mother of two boys aged 11 and 8, and we love doing things together, like cooking, reading and watching movies.⠀

Pre-Shumee, I was a researcher, focusing on computer architecture research at IBM Research Labs, USA. I have a PhD from Harvard University and a BTech from IIT Delhi.⠀

In my entrepreneurial journey, my husband has been my biggest mentor and supporter. He is my sounding board and problem solver!⠀

How did Shumee take shape and grow to the brand it is today?⠀

As a mother of two, I was constantly searching for baby safe toys to engage my little ones in meaningful ways. When we moved back to India in 2012 from US, we realised that it was quite difficult to find safe toys for little ones at affordable prices.⠀

And that’s why we started Shumee in 2015.⠀

Shumee (passion, in Japanese) is an amalgamation of our names - Meeta and Shivanshu. Our logo is Shumee, the little boy, who represents kids everywhere.⠀

What makes Shumee unique?⠀

Many toys in the market are unidirectional and drive kids towards some expected outcome. We are different. We are here to make playtime free, safe and sustainable. We are here to bring back the joy of playtime through open-ended toys that pique kids' imagination.⠀

The second thing we focus on is the safety and sustainability of our toys. We are ASTM certified for child safety and our toys are also good for the environment because we use 100% natural materials, water-based paints, azo-free dyes, natural polishes, & organic cotton.⠀

What are Shumee’s values?⠀

Our philosophy is that play is 90% child and 10% toy. To that end, our toys are free play toys that encourage unstructured, open-ended play.⠀

Why did you list Shumee at The Nestery? ⠀

I think Nestery's values jive with ours: being discerning, conscious parents and focusing on curated, sustainable products for children. That's our biggest reason to list with The Nestery.⠀

Check Shumee at The Nestery here -
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