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Brands We Love- Meet Team Yellohippo

Brands We Love- Meet Team Yellohippo

Q1. Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind Yellohippo!

An educationist, mother, art collector and a die-hard fan of the Indian crafts, I have always tried to balance the needs of the home and outside, past and future, ancient and contemporary. Amidst the lockdown, when everyone started looking inwards for peace, good health, and quality time, I tried to create an ecosystem that consciously connected and empowered the community. As a founder of three K-12 schools, educating over 10,000 children, I have tried to develop unique and creative learning systems. Manaskriti, a school I set up two years ago, is especially dear to me, following a Montessori inspired pedagogy, giving value to emotional as well as cognitive development, it embraces a fresh way of learning.- Manisha Gupta

Q2. Tell us the story behind the name and logo of your brand?

Yellohippo is an abstract identity to the children’s products and also is a beautiful amalgamation of life full of color and emotions with our little hippo changing his mood and attire in every changing milestone of a child! So, that is yellohippo- a burst of fun and combination of toys and learning for little children.

Q3. How and why did you get started on the idea of Yellohippo?

The relentless advance of technology has ensured that toys today are brimming with whistles, bleeps, screens, noises, colours and so on. But often, simplicity is best, and less is more. With children sitting at home and having been exposed to gadgets and the world of technology , parents have started considering the idea of "less is more" and shifting toward sustainable and eco-friendly toys. Our country has always been a hub of crafts and wooden toys from Channapatna, Murabadabad and Bihar have held a special place in the crafts history.

Q4. What according to you makes your brand unique and standout?

Yellohippo is craft-based and contemporary, they connect children to their roots while keeping their references relevant and sharp. The montessori inspired toys increase the precious bond between a parent and his child, spur his or her imagination, and help the baby grow in a way that is natural, self-motivated, and personalized. Based on the holistic Montessori approach to childhood education, these personalized play and learn boxes facilitate thoughtful, creative playtime to develop your child’s mind from the very first months to the first few years of life.

Q5. What values does Yellohippo stand for?

We stand for being Eco friendly, zero plastic and Montessori inspired toy firm


Q6. What convinced you to list your brand on The Nestery? 

We love your brand and connectivity with children!

Checkout Yellohippo's collection here!

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