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Brands We Love- Meet Team Zeezeezoo

Brands We Love- Meet Team Zeezeezoo

Q1. Tell us the story behind the name and logo of your brand?

Zeezeezoo is the buzzy song of the black-throated green warbler, a migratory bird. And like migratory birds, we as humans travel in search of better, bigger, more interesting opportunities. Whether to another city or another land, we follow our dreams. While doing so, we want to stay connected to our culture and keep our roots alive. This is where our idea originated.

Q2. How and why did you get started on the idea of Zeezeezoo?

Born in India, brought up in the US, and raising her own children in London, Ashini wanted her children celebrating Holi and Halloween and everything in between that was a part of her own upbringing. It is important to carry forward the traditions my husband and I grew up with while embracing new ones every day. This is where the idea for Zeezeezoo was born. To create products that new-age parents can relate and connect to. Rahil had a strong draw to e-commerce and felt that there was huge potential to create a high-quality, homegrown kids brand that connected to today's parents.

Q3. What according to you makes Zeezeezoo unique and standout?

The design concepts are made to create a connection with the consumer. We are inspired by the fun and whimsy of our beautiful and exciting country and that is what the brand celebrates. We don't believe in selling products of sub-par design or cheap quality, and you will find a focus on creating customer delight

Q4. What values does Zeezeezoo stand for?

Made in India – from sourcing the cotton and manufacturing the products to concepts for new designs and new products. We also believe in keeping the brand design-led and quality conscious. Finally, the customer is the most important part of the business, so we have a strong focus on our customer service and experience.

Q5. Tell us a little bit about YOU, the people behind the brand!

Rahil and Ashini are a cousin-in-law duo who each bring to the table their own core competencies, one leading the concept and creative efforts and the other the numbers and logistics. With experience in media, retail, and banking between them, entrepreneurship is where their passion lays.

Q6. What convinced you to list your brand on The Nestery?

We loved the curation that The Nestery offers, creating a lovely one-stop shop for new discerning parents of today.


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