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Brands We Love- Meet Team Zooboo!

Brands We Love- Meet Team Zooboo!

Q1. Tell us the story behind the name Zooboo and your logo!

Our brand name is essentially a combination of ‘Zoomin’ and ‘Books’ = Zooboo. We wanted a cute name that kids can pronounce easily and one which they enjoy saying as well. Similarly, we wanted the logo to be something fun yet simple. The logo ideates imagination, curiosity & learning in a world of one's own.

Q2. How and why did you get started on the idea of this brand?

During the first lockdown, I wanted my children to start reading books. But usual books made them feel like it was a ‘chore’. Then I recalled how my grandmothers used to read us stories and use our names in them. It made us feel a part of the story. I discussed this idea internally with the team. We already had the best quality printing and all the requisite resources with our brand Zoomin.Thus,  the concept of specially curated age-appropriate personalised books for kids was born.

Q3. According to you, makes your brand unique and?

Our brand is special because of many reasons. Firstly, our books have great quality of content. We have put in a lot of research and effort to come out with relatable concepts, top notch illustrations, age appropriate tone as well as language. Secondly, our printing quality is excellent with hard bound books and rounded edges for longevity. And lastly – the power of personalisation. There is something about a child reading his name on the cover and throughout the story that empowers them, engages them. And this is what makes our books stand apart from other regular books. 

Q4. What values does Zooboo stand for?

Sparking curiosity in the minds of the young reader and making reading and learning more engaging for them. 

Q5. Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind the brand!

A results oriented person, I am always self-driven and am very passionate about my work. I want the best for my team and want to create an environment where everyone can grow. I am a fitness freak and love marathons. 

Q6. What convinced you to list your brand on The Nestery? Why do you love us, do tell us!

The fact that Nestery is a very well curated website is what attracted us to it. Further, the concept of having ‘everything that parents may need’ under one roof is very innovative. Your research behind every product and whether it merits to be present on your website is remarkable. All of this makes us feel that our product will be a great fit on Nestery and we are very excited to partner with you all!

Check out Zooboo's collection here! 

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