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Brands We Love - Meet Uma and Puneeth of Thasvi Toys

Brands We Love - Meet Uma and Puneeth of Thasvi Toys

Meet Uma and Puneeth, the founders of Thasvi Toys - an Indian wooden Montessori toy brand, selling at The Nestery.

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind the brand!

We are Uma and Puneeth, parents to 5 year old Tharansai, and 20 month old Chirasvi Sai. Fascinated by the Montessori way of life, we founded Thasvi toys, an Indian Montessori toy brand.

How did the idea of starting Thasvi take shape?

While raising our children, we were very taken by the concept of “Montessori from birth” - the more we read, the more we learnt about the developmental stages of a child. We followed various blogs and started making the Montessori mobiles by ourselves – a very daunting process!

We also bought Montessori developmental toys from abroad, since there weren’t many options in India, but these were very expensive.

That was when we decided to venture into the world of wooden toys and launch Thasvi, our third baby!

We started Thasvi because, we strongly felt that there weren't many child-safe wooden toys available in India.

“Thasvi” is actually a combination of both our children’s names they are the driving force behind Thasvi.

The wooden spinning Top is something that brings back very fond memories of our childhood, so we thought it was a perfect way to symbolize our motto of making toys in India.

What Makes Thasvi unique?

At Thasvi, we understand the importance of child safety along with great service, dished up with love and warmth!

What are Thasvi’s values?

Thasvi is rooted in sustainability, which is the need of the hour. It is very important to meet the present needs without harming the future generation – wooden toys are a great step in that direction.

Why does Thasvi list at The Nestery?

What caught our attention was that “The Nestery” only listed sustainable and eco-friendly products. It was amazing to see so many brands with similar interests and responsibilities on a single platform. A one stop shopping solution for conscious parents?! We just had to be a part of it!!!

To see Thasvi Toys's incredible range of affordable wooden Montessori toys, head here - (

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