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Editor's Pick- Meet Team Lattooland

Editor's Pick- Meet Team Lattooland

Q1. Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind Lattooland!

Hi, I am Khushboo – the face behind Lattooland. I am a mother of a 4 year old free-sprited boy and I am also an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and BITS Pilani with over 11 years of corporate experience across investment banking and product management. I have always loved crafting and creating new things and through my playful son, this creative side of mine got a chance to express itself. I started off with my Instagram page where I posted DIY activities focused on sensory development to engage kids constructively. Basis constant demand from parents who followed my page, my passion evolved into this venture - Lattooland. I love travelling and have done a solo backpack across Spain. I take my morning schedule very seriously – especially the morning coffee!

Q2. Tell us the story behind the name and logo of your brand?

We wanted a name that reflects the principles of our products – simple, intuitive, multi-sensorial, organic and rooted in humanity’s history. There is only one object which meets all these requirements and is everyone’s favorite childhood toy – Lattoo!

Thus we came up with Lattoo, a one stop destination for parents to get the most trusted multi-sensorial kits for their children. Our logo reflects the values that we need to impart to our kids i.e. to lead a life which is colourful, full of happiness, always in motion but yet grounded in nature.

Q3. How and why did you get started on the idea of Lattooland?

While deciding whether to embark on the journey of parenthood, our consideration shouldn’t be whether we are ready to have a baby but whether we are ready to raise a human being. While having a baby is a beautiful experience, raising a well-rounded human being is extremely crucial. Research says that 90% of the brain development happens by the age of 5 and hence child learning is one of the most important areas for us as a society.

I quit my high profile job at Amazon to make a difference in this space. As a young mother, I research a lot on child development and the importance of multi-sensorial activities however upon exploring the current market, I found it flooded with complicated, plastic toys which provide a momentary joy to kids in the form of light and music, but lack the depth of engaging their highly intriguing minds. These minds need to be nurtured and not just pacified. And that’s the difference I aim to create with Lattoo products by helping parents raise inquisitive human beings.

Our products also promote group activity with both friends as well as with family. Our little ones need to learn the art of collaboration, inclusion and team work right from the beginning and that is indeed a top focus of our products.

Q4. What according to you makes your brand unique and standout?

We are obsessed with creating products which are organic, trustworthy and bring the right balance between fun, safety and learning. The balance is critical because kids have a limited attention span so a ‘little less’ fun will make kids lose interest, a ‘little less’ learning will not help their brain development, and safety is always the top priority for all parents. We have dedicated substantial time and resources to strike this exact balance by creating fun multi-sensorial kits which are lab certified toxin-free. All our products are tested extensively with multiple kids to gauge their interest and focus, because our children deserve nothing short of the best. This ‘balance’ has served many happy kids and makes our brand extremely unique.

Q5. What values does your brand stand for?

As our name suggests, our brand stands for trust, happiness, creativity and simplicity.


Q6. What convinced you to list your brand on The Nestery? 

Nestery is a trusted marketplace for kids products. We also share the common principles of sustainability and trust. The team is supportive to work with, we feel great to be associated with Nestery family.

Checkout Lattooland's collection here!

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