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In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Anjana Dhanavanthan of "mADe with Love"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Anjana Dhanavanthan of "mADe with Love"

Meet the effervescent and radiant Anjana Dhanavanthan of “mADe with Love” the face behind the animal themed rakhis selling at The Nestery.

How did you hit upon the idea of “mADe with Love” as a brand?

I started crocheting and knitting as a hobby, after the birth of my son. But it was in 2016 when I was due with my 2nd baby & crocheting had become a way of keeping myself engaged, that I decided to make this a brand.

“mADe with Love” – why this name for your brand?

I used to make beanies & accessories for my friends' kids. My husband thought I should have a name for it, something that people will remember the stuff by. That is when “mADe with Love” was born. The AD stands for my initials and I make with a lot of love, hence the name!

What values does “mADe with Love” stand for?

Accessiblity, Quality of work and Human connect are the values that drive “mADe with Love”.

What makes “mADe with Love” unique?

The fact that I go to great lengths to personalize my pieces & crochet them as though there were for my own kids, makes it a unique experience.

Tell us a bit about yourself as an individual, Anjana!

I am Anjana, mom of two - Lishaan & Isha living in Theni (best decision of my life!). I was once a radio jockey, before shifting gears professionally towards content writing. I quit work to raise the kids & the sheer fact that I cannot sit still is the reason “mADe with Love” took wings. I am a fast learner and picked up crocheting from YouTube videos alone! ;)

In general, I enjoy staying at home - I bake, drink a lot of filter coffee, crochet and listen to audio books while I can. Oh, I love using smileys in every conversation I have :D (We can see that!😂😂)

And lastly, what convinced you to sell on our platform?

I love how focused and empathetic Vaishnavi is, not just as a parent, but as a peer. And, when Vaishnavi pings you out of the blue and says 'Hey, I have an idea and I think you will love working on it!', you know this is one brand that believes in growing together! That and I love their color, yellow! :D


Head here to buy Anjana's awesome handmade rakhis - (

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