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In Conversation with the Brands We Love -  Meet Hetal of "The Forest Child"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Hetal of "The Forest Child"

Today, we are in conversation with Hetal, founder of The Forest Child - a magical looking apparel brand at The Nestery.

How was The Forest Child conceived?

🐘 I was a co-founder of Ek Chidiya, before we disbanded in April 2020. The experience gave me the wings to fly and chase my own dreams, and that is how The Forest Child was born.

As parents to our children, we realized that the unspoken communication that happens in the midst of nature is magical! The Forest Child celebrates this co-existence between humans and every living being in nature.

Our logo is inspired by the Mumma Elephant that carries its baby for roughly 2 years, the longest in any mammal. An elephant child is a creation of this selfless love. What a precious child for a forest to have!

What makes TFC unique?

🐘 At The Forest Child, we say everything is handcrafted, but really it comes from heart and is created with love. We want every child to carry a forest in their heart through TFC.

What would you say are TFC’s values?

🐘 Sustainability, Self-Love and Slow Living. We love to work with people who are happy at heart and cherish these relationships!

Who is Hetal when not the founder of TFC?

🐘 I am a mother, wife, child, friend, so many roles. If I didn’t have to settle in one place, you would find me at a Bird Sanctuary or a Forest! The love for travel, birding and nature roots from the various wildlife experiences my parents gave us. Dad still goes trekking, chases butterflies to capture a photograph and continues to plan a holiday like a child, while mom teaches us how to always stay grounded.

Having taught little children for 9 years in various setups, I do believe that children are born with a sense of wonder and an affinity for Nature. I also love handmaking toys and games for my children. The Forest Child completely resonates with who I am!

Why is TFC at The Nestery?

🐘 I have been following you for the past year! I love the curated collection and the due recognition that brands get at The Nestery and that is why we are here!

To see more of The Forest Child's newest collections, head here - (
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