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In Conversation with the Brands We Love -  Meet Karen and Neha of "Dabble PlayArt"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Karen and Neha of "Dabble PlayArt"

Today, we are in conversation with Karen and Neha, founders of Dabble PlayArt at The Nestery. A brand that spreads the joy of art and colours by inspiring creativity and free expression.

How was Dabble conceived?

Dabble started when Karen and Neha, were unable to find any child-friendly, toxin-free products for art and play in the Indian market. This got them thinking and working with an industry reputed team of experts to develop colours that are largely natural, 100%, and non-toxic.

The word Dabble means - To play with, to monkey around, to mess, nothing serious!
We have introduced a new word in art – Dabbling, not just Doodling! It’s the riot of colours when children play with them.

What makes Dabble unique?

Dabble has created a new category called Playart in India - Where art meets play. "Before a child can write, they draw"- Art and colours are natural to a child's expression in early childhood. Dabble colours are not just toxin-free, they are earth-friendly, developmentally appropriate and tools for imagination in early childhood.

What would you say are Dabble’s values?

The power of play, imagination, and fun coupled with safety, care, and excellence.

Who are Karen and Neha when not the founders of Dabble?
Karen is a Corporate Trainer by profession and a trained Expressive Arts therapist by passion. She brings her business insights and life experience together to her first love of creating happiness for children. Her training in Waldorf education has helped bring concepts of early learning to Dabble’s product design table. She is also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from Leadership that Works, USA.

Neha is passionate and a perfectionist who started off her career as a photographer.
With publications in – Lonely Planet, Travel & Leisure, Better Homes & Gardens & Food Lovers Magazine, she is recognized for her work in Food & Architecture Photography.

Why is Dabble at The Nestery?

Nestery is a one-stop-shop for all parenting needs. Nestery curates a simple, convenient, and hassle-free experience while offering world-class products for early childhood. We resonate with the team and their commitment to making a difference in this space!

Check out the Collection below :)

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