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In Conversation with the Brands We Love -  Meet Minali of "PepPlay"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Minali of "PepPlay"

Today, we are in conversation with Minali, founder of PepPlay at The Nestery. A brand with a collection so unique, peppy, and lively that will inspire creativity and spark curiosity in kids.

🔹How was PepPlay conceived?

My creative drive and my daughter started the spark in me to start something of my own. As a mother, I was on a constant lookout for some creative toys for my child. However, finding such art & craft-related toys in India was very rare. In India, toys are more synonymous with battery-operated cars or dolls.

We as a team always wanted to create a premium brand in India that inspires creativity and sparks curiosity among the kids. No brainer! That’s how it all began.

Along with what we do, we wanted to inculcate the same theme that is - Lively, high-spirited, smart play into our brand name and our logo. After a lot of trial and error, we finally zeroed in on PepPlay (as in peppy kids playing). The logo signifies kids playing in different colors setting a peppy mood.

🔹What makes PepPlay unique?

Our mission to provide “A Smarter Way to Play ” by inspiring creativity and sparking curiosity in kids.

🔹What would you say are PepPlay’s values?

We at PepPlay believe that the best toys are powered by creativity and imaginative play. And we strive to inculcate these values along with safety & sustainability in everything we do.

🔹Who is Minali when not the founders of PepPlay?

I am an Engineer with over ten years of corporate experience. Uniqueness is my "to-go" mantra, be it in personal life or professional.

Bhavya, also an Engineer, transitioned from working for global MNCs to becoming an entrepreneur a decade ago.

We are proud parents of a beautiful girl with whom we love to create various hands-on products and also get product-market fit feedback.

🔹Why is PepPlay at The Nestery?

The efforts the entire team takes to curate the best of the options available across India are commendable. To work with The Nestery is like working with your own team🤩


Check out PepPlay Collection.


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