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In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Pridhee of "T4tales"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Pridhee of "T4tales"

Meet Pridhee, founder of T4tales - publisher of unique, interactive board books in vernacular languages. Why unique? Because they are transliterations – vernacular language, written out in English!

πŸ‘‹ Hi! I am Pridhee, founder of T4Tales. I live in Singapore, teach 6-7 year olds at an international school, and pssst - I am a trained molecular biologist too! Having studied and lived in the US, Bahrain, Germany and Australia, I am now happily settled in Singapore with my supporting husband (aka Kahaani Uncle – check out @t4tales IG to know what we mean) and my two girls. If I am not working on something, I am being silly and dancing with my girls.

❓ So, how was T4Tales conceived?

πŸ“• As a first-time parent, settled out of India, I was lucky to find an abundance of good quality interactive books, but all of them were English. None of them were in Indian languages, much less transliterated. If you live outside India, you will understand how important transliterations are, because children are exposed to the mother/father tongue through speech but not through script in most cases. That was how my idea to start T4Tales took shape.
And how we came up with the name T4Tales is a story by itself! 3IITians (spouse, father and I) sat together one night to coin a name for the publishing house. We started off with β€œTiny Tots Tiny Tales” which became β€œT to the power four tales” (ahem ahem, we are geeky like that) or β€œT for tales” – a win-win whichever way you see it!

❓ What makes T4Tales click?

πŸ“• I think the idea itself – nobody else does transliterated books in Indian languages, and even if they did, not interactive like we do!

When I started T4Tales, our aim was to capture and keep alive verses and stories that are unique to Indian languages in an interactive format - "Kahaani Puraani" is in fact, a super short version of Ramayana! Judging by the warm reception our books have received, we are pretty much on target!

❓ Why is T4Tales at The Nestery?

πŸ“• We are at the Nestery because we love their attention to detail and most importantly, the due credit brands get.

Check out t4tales at The Nestery here - (
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