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In Conversation with the Brands We Love -  Meet Yuti of "Zayn and Zoey"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Yuti of "Zayn and Zoey"

Today, we are in conversation with Yuti, founder of Zayn and Zoey at The Nestery. A brand that will make your kids fall in love with learning.

How was Zayn and Zoey conceived?

Through our classes with Curiosity Club, a Mumbai-based activity centre for kids, we realized and learned that when children are presented with a real-life context to a situation, they understand the concept better. Therefore, we conducted a story science theme camp for two summers and it was our biggest hit.

Stories are fun and so are their characters, we saw how kids got attached to certain characters, and that is when we thought to create something similar that can make learning fun and engaging for children.

We began with wanting to create stories to standardize learning at curiosity club - but some concepts worked great for learning without lego/robotics and hence the stories were created. They were well received and we kept writing and writing…

Soon, we had a bunch of amazing stories to share in the form of books and games and came up with our characters - Zayn and Zoey our curious twins who are fascinated by the wonderful world we live in.

What makes Zayn and Zoey unique?

We have made learning fun and tried to eliminate the stereotypes of science being an interest to only a certain gender and we have also tried to break the monotony in learning that comes with science fact-based books. Everything we write about has a learning angle to it - so it’s all non-fiction.

What would you say are Zayn and Zoey’s values?

Making learning fun.

Who is Yuti when not the founder of Zayn and Zoey?

I am a biomedical engineer. I moved back to India and spent 3 years in healthcare consulting and then moved to finance. I'm a mom of two girls and enjoy every role that I have. I also enjoy cooking and feeding people - that's my therapy and me-time to de-stress from the routine of life.

Why is Zayn and Zoey at The Nestery?

I love the concept of curation on your platform. Also, all your products comes with no label to a certain gender, a common belief that we both share.


Check out the collection below and join the twins in their adventures to discover how the world works.


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