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Editor's Pick: 10 Fun Products To Help Learn Part 2: Numbers!

Editor's Pick: 10 Fun Products To Help Learn Part 2: Numbers!

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Next up: Numbers!

Numbers are relatively easy to teach a child, they're literally all around us. They apply it themselves without even knowing: understanding how many teddies they are specifically fond of, sensing a disbalance if any is missing, and of course, enforcing numbers through how many episodes of Paw Patrol they're allowed to watch! 😂😂

So, We bring to you 10 amazing products that will help your child understand, apply and learn to write numbers, helping you with how to teach numbers to toddlers and preschoolers.



With this puzzle, you can learn the first numbers and watch the clock. This puzzle helps learning about colors and shapes, knowing numbers and the relationship between a written number and individual number units. Baby will know the clock and cultivate concept of time, mathematical intelligence dial the alarm clock to make a "click "sound, learn to watch the alarm clock.


2. MATH LEARNING KIT from Sparklebox

Math Learning kit for Pre Primary provides an excellent and efficient learning opportunity to understand the concepts of the Subject. List of Activities: Number Counting & Identification Shapes Number Building & Representation & color and shape Addition using templates & skip counting Skip counting & More, less or equal?


3. LACE IT UP by Clever Cubes

A game that combines the age old method of stitching and acquaints children with numbers from 0 to 9



1, 2, 3 ... who can help Number Dinosaur count? The corresponding quantity of objects has to be found for each number and vice-versa.


5. NUMBER TRAIN by Ed Inter

Play pulling along a train of 22 blocks. Since the numbers are printed in silk on each block you can play by matching the numbers or arranging in order. Once you pull the string right through to the end, you can then play with a pull toy.

SKILLS DEVELOPED: Hand-eye coordination, Finger Training, Concentration

AGE GUIDANCE: 3+ years



This number counting wooden puzzle is basic math learning and mind development game for your child. The wooden sticks have to be stacked, counted and placed in the specific number hole, it will help a kid with the development of motor skills. The puzzle is handcrafted from reclaimed pine wood by local artisans of Varanasi.



This board is an educational toy which helps in numerous ways! Sort the number and shapes, stack the rings and use the rings to do basic math calculations!


8. MAZE CHASE - NUMBER GAME by Skillofun

Count the number of objects and recognize the corresponding number. Move the number along its path to get them together! A great game for eye & hand coordination, grip, and muscle movement apart from counting and number recognition.


This colourful wipe-clean book is full of friendly monsters who need help writing their numbers. Young children can draw over the outline of 6 monsters snorkelling in the sea, draw unicycles shaped like the number 5 for the monster circus and more. The wipe-clean pages mean activities can be done again and again.



Feeling different textures is extremely fascinating for children. They love exploring objects with their hands. This toy helps them distinctly trace, mimic and associate shapes with sounds of numbers. As children play with the toy, they learn to associate number symbols or shapes to sounds which initiates them into the number system. By tracing over the textured numbers with their fingers, children improve their pre-writing skills to a great extent. As children play with this toy repeatedly, they commit the name-numeral associations to their memory increasing retention and recall.


Next week: Shapes!!

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