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Editor's Pick: Remembering The Mahatma and his legacy!

Editor's Pick: Remembering The Mahatma and his legacy!

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, named by Tagore as  Mahatma and respected as the Father of the nation, is respected for his contribution in the fight for independence and his peaceful ways. On the 2nd of October, his birthday, we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti to remember the Mahatma's contribution and the work he did for our nation.

Here’s a list of some books and flashcards that you and your children can enjoy together and learn about Gandhi!

Picture Gandhi attempts to shake off the aura and reach the person beneath. It is a story told simply, honestly and affectionately much like the man himself.

Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi has specifically been made to Know about the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi. Text is written in large print font and Braille in English as well as Hindi language, making it suitable for reading by persons with blindness, low- vision and normal sight.


IndSight’ cards are a great way to take your child across the fabric of India and unveil its lush details layer by layer. These cards can be mixed and matched to be used in multiple ways.


From a sorrowful Sita to a resolute Razia, little Nina has played them all. Everyone calls her a fine actress. But Nina is at a loss when she’s given the role of Kasturba “ after all Kasturba was only Gandhi's wife, wasn't she?” Confused, she starts preparing for the play. But soon discovers that an ordinary wife can be quite an extraordinary person.


Follow the trail of the three wise monkeys who charm and inspire children to choose love and peace with simple tricks. These modern-day superheroes weave their magic and transform fear and anger into joy, harmony, and friendship in our lives. An invitation to laugh, swing, and play with Gandhi’s favourite monkeys. A modern twist to ancient wisdom.


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