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A book list for a tween/preteen

A book list for a tween/preteen

Being a pre-teen is like being on a rollercoaster. They don't feel like children but they're not grown-ups yet. So much about their body is changing, and they may or may not comprehend it completely. They try to make sense of the world based on the information available to them. As parents, we can aid their understanding by having heart-to-heart, judgement-free conversations frequently and by providing a safe space for them to pour their hearts out. The books and media they have access to at this time also plays a huge role in the adults they will become tomorrow.

We have put together a list of books for tweens and pre-teens, or as some put it, young adults.

1. This is Me, Mayil

This book explores the complex feelings of a young girl who writes and doodles, and rants in rhyme. For every moment of clarity, there are others filled with anger, confusion, and self-doubt.


2. Tickle me, Don't tickle me


An excellent introduction to poetry for young, curious minds. There are poems about children who top their exams, or go swimming with sharks, and there are poems about fat cats lounging on mats, and rats in Bombay flats. This book is intelligent, hilarious, tender and wicked, all at the same time.

3. Boys will be Boys

Boys are often asked to toughen up. Girls are often stereotyped to like pink. Even if we as parents try to avoid gender stereotypes, the world out there is less than kind. This book talks about people who dared to stand up for what they believed in without caring about the mould the society tried to fit them in. This can be an inspirational read for young, impressionable minds.

4. The Mahabharata and Sita's Ramayana

For children who are interested in epics, these can make for great reads. There are warring families, clans, and kingdoms. There is a woman's point of view to the heroic tale. These books bring a fresh perspective to the familiar tales which will interest children that age.

What are some of your tween's favourite book and why?

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