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Meet Swathi & Ashwanth of A Toddler Thing - #BrandsWeLove

Meet Swathi & Ashwanth of A Toddler Thing - #BrandsWeLove

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For Swathi and Ashwanth, it all started with a question - Why can't we have access to more cloth diapers like we do to disposable diapers?
**In conversation with Swathi of A Toddler Thing**



Tell us the story behind the name and logo of A Toddler Thing.
Although A Toddler Thing started with products for infants, even in the early stages of design and conceptualization of the brand we knew we wanted to go beyond infants and include kids up to the age of at least 3 years.
Thus Toddler stuck with us.
A TODDLER THING had a good ring to it. It felt right and we went with it.
We chanced upon a baby logo at around the same time and it just fell into place. We wouldn't change a thing about it even today.



How did the idea for A Toddler Thing come to you?
When my sister-in-law got back from Australia with her newborn the number of disposable diapers strewn around the house shocked me. If our house alone used so many diapers for one baby, I could not imagine the staggering amount of diapers disposed off from every household in India. She also had a couple of cloth diapers that piqued my interest. Why couldn't we have access to more Cloth Diapers, as we did to disposables? That spark was where it all started. That, combined with the need to start a venture with my friends became the reason for A Toddler Thing. After much research and learning, A Toddler Thing was born, with Ashwanth and me at the helm of it.



What makes your brand unique?
A Toddler Thing is an experience and not just products. Our customers have access to an entire lifestyle that they can build for their little ones. We ensure that we provide the best of quality at the most affordable rates.



What values does your brand stand for?
Quality, sustainability and affordability.




Tell us about YOU, the person behind the brand.
First and foremost, I'm a new-age mom. I'm an engineer-turned-entrepreneur and believe in driving a change that positively impacts the lives of parents and babies in India, just as much as I would like to inspire my daughter. I'm inspired by the parents around me and my own daughter, to create an environment-friendly and sustainable baby eco-system. 



Why are you listed with The Nestery?
The Nestery is a brand and platform with the trust of a wide audience. We believe, to be featured on a platform such as yours is a great opportunity. Also, we love the zeal and creativity that your brand exudes.


View A Toddler Thing's collection at The Nestery here:


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