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Book Review - Flying High

Book Review - Flying High

Book Review - Flying High


“Flying High” written by Geeta Dharmarajan, published by Katha Books is a children’s book on the American astronaut Sunita Williams, number 9 on the list of the most experienced sky walkers.


What is the book about:


“Flying High” narrates the success story of Sunita Williams in a simplistic manner that is appropriate for kids, with real pictures during her space mission. We see Sunita on her space walks, and are introduced to her life inside the spaceship with pictures of her exercising, eating, and fixing her space craft.


What we liked about the book:


Katha books generally have a couple of pages at the end dedicated to a discussion on the book. We really like this section in “Flying High”. We, at The Nestery, are also partial to female protagonists who smash stereotypes!

Sneak peep at Katha's pages that discuss the book

Publisher Recommended Age – 5+ years


Read this book to encourage your kids to believe that anything is possible if they set their minds to it and work towards it!


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