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Brands We Love - Meet Amrita of BDiapers

Brands We Love - Meet Amrita of BDiapers

Meet Amrita Vaswani, founder of BDiapers - the "healthiest diaper" available in India, a brand of modern cloth diapers that retails at The Nestery.


How was Bdiapers conceived?

I started under the brand name Bumchum Diapers in 2014.

Hybrid Diapers did not come to me easy. Armed with a stash of MCDs, my move back to India with my 8 month old in 2011 was anything but uneventful. With domestic help constantly changing, I was getting disenchanted with my stash, but I was still determined to make sustainable choices. It was that time that I discovered hybrids – a way to reduce trash, increase reuse while having the convenience of disposables.

I took a break to design a new Hybrid Diaper range in 2016, which led to a delay in registering the name Bumchum. Unfortunately, we lost the head start on registering the name and had to restart the brand under Bdiapers, which seemed an obvious choice, since all our labels and assets had B embroidered on them already.😊

What makes Bdiapers unique?

Bdiapers is a hybrid diaper which comes in a two-part system with a detachable pouch. This means you do not have to wash the cover till it is soiled and the same cover can be reused with a separate pouch over several days. Our bio soakers are chemical, bleach, fragrance and dye free AND manufactured in India.

What are Bdiapers’ values?

Bdiapers stands for health, sustainability, goodness and fashion. We believe babies can be trendy while being comfortable.

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind BDiapers!

I am a cloth diapering, baby-wearing, breastfeeding co-sleeping mother of 2 boys – now, 9 and 4 years old. Pre BDiapers, I held core marketing positions with companies such as Microsoft and Colgate Palmolive (Sydney). Bdiapers was born out of my deep passion for everything natural and sustainable and a desire to go back to the basics.

Why is BDiapers at The Nestery?

We are committed to The Nestery’s vision of bringing you unique, curated products that are good for your baby and good for the planet, and The Nestery provides us the right platform and audience for it!

To buy BDiapers at The Nestery, head here –

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