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Brands We Love - Meet Anuradha of Bumpadum

Brands We Love - Meet Anuradha of Bumpadum

Meet Anuradha, the founder of Bumpadum – an Indian brand of Modern Cloth Diapers and more, that is sold at The Nestery.

Anuradha, we all know you as the face of Bumpadum -do tell us a little bit more about yourself!

I am a mother of two - a girl and a boy, juggling between them and my third baby - Bumpadum.

I used to work for MNCs in consulting and software engineering before deciding to quit and follow my passion to do something with social impact.

What drives me to run Bumpadum is not only all the waste generation we are preventing, but also the super cute smiles of all those babies, keeping their bottoms comfortable in our diapers!

How was Bumpadum conceived?

For the first year of my daughter's life, she was in disposable diapers. The big bucket full of diapers being sent out from my house every single day made me think about how much disposable diapers add to garbage across the city. This was the time when Bangalore was facing huge problems in solid waste management with landfill sites leaching chemicals to the surrounding villages.

MCD were the easiest way to attain the convenience of disposables without creating waste, and hence, Bumpadum.


What makes Bumpadum unique?

We believe that product quality and performance are the first priority when it comes to diapers, but at the same time, we want to keep the whole diapering aspect of parenting fun with our beautiful and aesthetic prints, so that parents find diapering a little less dreary!

We also believe in keeping our carbon footprint minimal, which is why we manufacture locally and use zero plastic in our packaging right from the beginning.


What are Bumpadum’s values?

Quality, Peformance and Integrity.


Why is Bumpadum at The Nestery?

The Nestery is the go to place for parents looking for products that are best for their little ones from brands which are often undiscovered by the mainstream audience. The Nestery's collection is diverse and we would love to be part of a platform that appeals to new age parents!

To see Bumpadum products at The Nestery, head here -

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