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Brands We Love - Meet Farah and Shreya of The Mumum Co

Brands We Love - Meet Farah and Shreya of The Mumum Co

Meet Farah and Shreya – the founders of The Mumum Co – a brand that promotes healthy snacking and promises you real food in a bag – no junk – no preservatives and no sugar!⠀

Who are Farah and Shreya when not at work?⠀

Farah- I am an avid yogi, a student of languages and I loves collecting new stamps on my passport!⠀

Shreya – I am always working on a home improvement project, take up new hobbies every month and can usually be found doing something fun in the kitchen aka The Mumum Co. snack lab.⠀

How did the idea for The Mumum Co. originate?⠀

Shreya - Parenthood and a shared passion for feeding our children healthy snacks spurred us to start The Mumum Co. There was a clear need gap that needed to be filled, and supermarket shelves were laden with foods full of added sugar, hidden preservatives and artificial flavours⠀

Farah - In speaking to other parents, and with our own journey we realized that healthy snacking is a frequent and big challenge. That’s when we decided to launch The Mumum Company.⠀

"Mumum" is the universal word children use for food, plus a bit of word play on the fact that two mums that started the company - us!⠀

What makes The Mumum Co.’s range of snacks unique?⠀

Shreya - The Mumum Co promises you healthy single serving snacks for healthy families looking for clean label and wholesome foods.⠀

Farah - We have worked hard to use super grains and real fruits and vegetables to make snacks yummy and fun as well as healthy. Our products have no preservatives, no sugar, no maida, no colour and in fact - our entire range is gluten free!⠀

Whether it’s our Mighty Melties which are made from the same technology as astronaut food to our Punchy Protein Puffs in flavours like pizza party and masala madness – we aim to maximise the nourishment as well as the fun in each bite.⠀

Simply put, The Mumum Co promises to be REAL FOOD IN A BAG!⠀

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