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10% OFF on your First Purchase, use code FIRSTBUY
Min. Order INR 500
Brands We Love - Meet Jaishree of Pitara

Brands We Love - Meet Jaishree of Pitara

Meet Jaishree Garg - creator of Pitara, the unique storytelling boardgame being sold at The Nestery!⠀

How was Pitara – The Storytelling Boardgame conceived?⠀

As a child, I remember my grandmother starting her stories by saying - “Aaj naani ke pitare se yeh kahani nikli hain”. As is Pitara, the game! Pitara allows you to make as many stories as you want the minute you open it.⠀

Pitara was part of my design school thesis, where I was trying to design an inclusive storymaking tool. It is the result of immense hardwork, and research, and was so well received by parents and kids when I tested it, that I just had to put it out in the market!⠀

Pitara is an Indo-Persian word, so the logo is a hand drawn mix of Indian and English font.⠀

What makes Pitara unique?⠀

Storymaking, nowadays, is heavily reliant on education and literacy skills. Pitara intends to disrupt this by being inclusive. People with low literacy rates can play Pitara, in different languages since it uses visual cues. It is also the only non-competitive, collaborative storymaking boardgame in India at the moment.⠀

What are Pitara’s values?⠀

Unfiltered Creativity. We want everyone playing it, to be as raw and free as they can be with their imagination.⠀

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind the brand!⠀

I’m Jaishree, an auditor turned game designer and story maker. I feel very strongly about visual literacy and the need to introduce alternative learning methods in the education industry. I’m also a health freak, which is why I also work full time as a User experience designer at HealthifyMe. My life is a juggle between these two amazing jobs and running behind my dog Jelly!⠀

Why list at The Nestery?⠀

Vaishnavi’s love for Nestery and passion for the space made it a no brainer! The Nestery is a great niche space for creators like us.⠀

What next?⠀

We’re working on two new travel-friendly Pitaras, called the Pitara’s story hives and Pitara sticks! With these new products, maybe we’ll keep our phone aside in trains, planes, and parks and make fun stories together!⠀

Buy Pitara here at The Nestery -
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