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Brands We Love - Meet Navdeep of Aagghhoo

Brands We Love - Meet Navdeep of Aagghhoo

Meet Navdeep Kaur, Founder of Aagghhoo, the conscious baby brand that is listed at The Nestery.


Hello Navdeep! A quick introduction for our followers please?

I’m Navdeep Kaur, Founder and Design Director at Aagghhoo, a pure and conscious brand for newborn babies and their progressive parents. I also run a Colour Research and design consultancy studio - The Colour Workshop based in Bangalore. Since 2008, I have devoted my time to work on colour trend research, consumer colour research, and experimental textile art and now also focusing on Aagghhoo.


What was the thought process behind the conception of “aagghhoo”?

The word ‘aagghhoo’ is a joyful expression of babyhood – think the happy gurgling sound of a baby! The logo itself is a freehand font handcrafted by my 5 year old.

When I had my first born, I realized that there was no brand exclusively designing around a simplified parenting experience and a newborn baby’s ergonomic and emotive needs. As a maker and also a mother, my primary objective of starting Aagghhoo was not just to make and sell products but to fine tune parenting systems when it comes to buying baby products.


What makes aagghhoo unique?

We like to call ourselves ‘interpreters’ of every newborn's emotional and ergonomic needs. and strive to design around instinct of touch, sound and perception. Our colour palette represents the baby’s state of mind.


What values does aagghhoo stand for?

Aagghhoo is a gender neutral, slow and ergonomic baby brand that is meant for new age millennial parents who are conscious and mindful, when it comes to caring for their babies’ needs. We design products for these parents who are knowledgeable, yet need support through well designed, safe baby products.


Why list on The Nestery?

We also believe in natural parenting practices that The Nestery is built around. It is very rewarding to be a part of a community of people who follow a similar lifestyle goal and want to build better parenting systems to raise thoughtful children.

See our collection from aagghhoo here - (


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