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Brands We Love - Meet Nikita of Klingaru

Brands We Love - Meet Nikita of Klingaru

Meet Nikita Jain, the brand owner of Klingaru – a kids clothing brand that is available at The Nestery!


Tell us a little bit about YOU, the face of Klingaru!

I am a media and marketing professional and love interacting - talking and making connections with people, learning about new and different things along the way. I love working on and behind Klingaru, and absolutely love being a mother to my two adorable kids.


Why the name Klingaru? And how did you start out with this idea?

I earlier founded a marketplace for baby wearing carriers and accessories before Klingaru, which led to us launching our own line of ergonomic baby carriers. Baby carriers are popularly known as Kangaroo Bags in India, so we were trying some modifications to the word “Kangaroo” and Klingaru just clicked. Somehow people found it fun and connected it with a kids brands and it solved our purpose.

The logo is just Klingaru written in a specific font - we just added a dot in U, to represent carrying position of a child.

We started with Kurtas because everyone used to love my child’s kurtas. And for one particular event early on, which was in the peak of summer, I got a few cotton kids kurtas made to display at my stall, which sold like hot cakes, and then there was no looking back. Now, Klingaru’s main focus is our clothing line!


What makes Klingaru unique?

Our fabric, quirky prints, quality plus affordability is what makes our brand stand out. Our regular customers love our fabrics, finishing and prints. Plus the fact that we offer a wide variety of prints!


What are Klingaru’s values?

Being an accessible and ethical kids clothing brand and a brand people can trust with their kids.


Why list at The Nestery?

When Vaishnavi approached us, we could see her clear vision and what all she is planning to do with The Nestery. All the amazing products she was planning to curate resonated a lot with my personal liking both as a parent of two growing kids as well as the kind of product line we have at Klingaru. We are so glad we signed on!

Shop for Klingaru kidswear at The Nestery here –

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