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Brands We Love - Meet Radhika of Taabar Toli

Brands We Love - Meet Radhika of Taabar Toli

Meet Radhika Rawat Tholia, the founder of Taabar Toli – an eco-friendly range of children’s mealtime cutlery and crockery at The Nestery.⠀

Tell us a bit about yourself – the face behind Taabar Toli.

Born and brought up in Jaipur, I worked for 5 years as a merchandiser in my family's furniture and home furnishings export business. My husband happens to be in the same line of business, so it was easy enough to work for his business, once I got married. I love traveling, and this line of work meant travel, so I loved it!⠀

After the birth of my son, I took a break from work but I had already started conceptualising Taabar Toli.⠀

Taabar Toli – such an interesting name for a brand. What does it mean?⠀

Taabar Toli means a group of kids in Marwari.⠀

I needed an Indian name for my brand, that would be relatable – so it just fit so well, especially since this is a range for kids.⠀

Even the logo has 2 TT's of Taabar Toli which actually look like 2 kids holding each other. The 2 TT's are in a green circle depicting green earth as my products are earth friendly/ eco-friendly. The tagline sums it up - "friends of the earth".⠀

How did the idea for Taabar Toli take root?⠀

I think a lot of parents, who turned entrepreneurs started out wanting to do something about the lack of options while shopping for their own child!⠀

I was always conscious about using non-toxic and eco-friendly products for my son when he was born. When he turned 6 months old, i started looking out for bowls and plates which were non-plastic but there were very few options, and even they were not appealing in design or quality. The market was there, just waiting to be explored and the rest is history.⠀

What makes Taabar Toli’s range of products unique?⠀

I think what makes Taabar Toli unique are the products themselves – they are wel-designed, organic, sustainable and child-safe.⠀

Why is Taabar Toli at The Nestery?⠀

I felt my product and what they stand for, just fit in completely with the values of The Nestery.⠀

To see Taabar Toli’s range of eco-friendly crockery and cutlery for children, head here –

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