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10% OFF on your First Purchase, use code FIRSTBUY
Min. Order INR 500
Brands We Love - Meet Savini of PashooPakshee

Brands We Love - Meet Savini of PashooPakshee

Meet Savini of PashooPakshee, a brand selling Indian wildlife souvenirs at The Nestery!⠀

PashooPakshee – such a unique name, and a very creative logo. How did PashooPakshee evolve into a brand?⠀

Wildlife and nature tourism are a big part of India's tourism spectrum – but sadly, souvenir shops around National parks and Tiger reserves sell city made t-shirts and mugs. Pashoo Pakshee (PP) is a social enterprise that bridges this gap by making wildlife themed souvenirs that provide alternative livelihood to communities living near the periphery of protected Tiger reserves.⠀

Being based in Central India, our logo is derived from the Gond Art form. The name PashooPakshee stands for every creature from birds to insects to fish, and hence fit perfectly.⠀

What makes PashooPakshee unique?⠀

Did you know that many Indians can name more African animals than Indian? PP wants to change this.⠀

We create awareness about the amazing wildlife diversity in India by tagging our products with information about the animal or bird as well as the craft and the crafts person making them. So, in a way, each product carries a story, making PP unique.⠀

What values does PP stand for?⠀

Socially responsible, environment friendly and ethical.⠀

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind PP!⠀

As a nature lover and an environmentally conscious citizen, I strongly feel that everyone needs to be aware of India's natural and environmental heritage.⠀

After an engineering degree and a corporate background along with training in Bharatnatyam and Latin Ballroom dancing, I feel like i have found my calling with PP.⠀

The opportunity of creating a positive community based change is tough to beat in terms of job satisfaction, though I miss my nerdy engineering side sometimes!⠀

Why list at The Nestery?⠀

I love the fact that The Nestery has an age specific target audience. It reduces clutter and as a partner, we know that we truly fit the bill! You guys also emphasize on being ethical and responsible, which is in line with our values.⠀

Find PashooPakshee at The Nestery here -
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