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Brands We Love - Meet Sneha of Kutuki

Brands We Love - Meet Sneha of Kutuki

Meet Sneha Sundaram, the founder of Kutuki, an independent publisher of children's books that retails at The Nestery and an Indian children's app!⠀

Please introduce yourself!⠀

I am Sneha, an LSE Alumna, Tata Scholar and an ex TFI staff member who also happens to be a trained classical singer. Having performed with Grammy winners and having taught music to over 200+ children, I have always believed in the impact of creative arts especially on young minds and that is how Kutuki was born.⠀

Tell us the story behind Kutuki – the app and the books.⠀

My co-founder Bharath and I used to conduct music based workshops at schools since we are musicians. Our app, Kutuki, intends to fill the need for Indian context in learning content available online, using the medium of stories and songs since there is a gap we identified while conducting these workshops.

Our crowdfunded publishing attempt resulted in 'New Years of India' and 'Breakfasts of India', which takes young children on a journey across the country, through two fundamental experiences that bring people together - Food and Festivals. Whether it’s the lip smacking Puttu Kadala of Kerala or the colorful celebrations of Bihu in Assam, our books are an immersive experience. The settings, the artwork and the stories have all been written keeping Indian children in mind, and to create an experience that is inclusive and celebrates the diversity of the India.⠀

Kutuki is a play on the Sanskrit word Kautuka which means 'The Curious One' in Sanskrit. We wanted to celebrate the innate curiosity of children and have a name that sounds playful with an Indian touch and Kutuki ticked all those boxes for us.⠀

What makes Kutuki unique?⠀

Fresh and original content with Indian roots. With every piece of our content, we put our children first. We want to ensure that they have access to the best possible learning resources in a safe, inclusive and fun environment.⠀

Why list at The Nestery?⠀

Careful curation with an accent on local brands, and a passionate team makes The Nestery a platform we want to be on!⠀

Check out Kutuki's books at The Nestery here -
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