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Brands we Love - Meet Sowmya of Little Hive

Brands we Love - Meet Sowmya of Little Hive

Meet Sowmya of Little Hive, who is the creator of the Waldorf Doll DIY Kit that is listed at The Nestery!


Sowmya, do tell us the story behind the name and logo of Little Hive?

Little Hive was formerly called Crochet Hobbit because I was the hobbit who crocheted from my little hobbit hole, a humble space in London where it all started.

My first love is teaching - I conduct crochet, Macramé and Waldorf Doll Making workshops, so my ideal workspace is a hive of busy hands buzzing with creative forces.

The name “Little Hive” was born because I am always fascinated by the world of bees and what they bring into this world, materially and spiritually. I hope to be able to bring that magic into people’s lives somehow!


What, according to you, makes Little Hive unique and standout?

Whether it’s a workshop you attend or the products you buy, it is the whole experience that makes Little Hive unique in what it is. When you come for a workshop or choose to buy a product, you’ll know what I mean!


What values does Little Hive stand for?

Ethical, Eco-friendly and Handmade.


Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind Little Hive!

That’s what I run away from - talking about myself.

I’m Sowmya. I had the best years of my life working with children with autism. I’m a special educator trained in the Waldorf pedagogy and very passionate about the environment.  I also crochet, do a bit of Macramé, make fabric dolls and teach it to people. I love watching people’s reactions when they create something with their own hands! When I’m not crafting or talking to fabric dolls, I’m dreaming of food and the next meal, or coaxing my husband into taking me out.


What convinced you to list Little Hive on The Nestery?

I liked Vaishnavi. One conversation with her was all it took. J


To take a closer look at Sowmya’s Waldorf Doll Making Kit, head here -

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