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Brands We Love - Meet Vaishnavi of "wildpaper"

Brands We Love - Meet Vaishnavi of "wildpaper"

Meet Vaishnavi, the person behind “wildpaper” & creator of The Wild, Catch Me If You Can flashcards and the dinosaur, wildlife and solar system posters being sold at The Nestery.⠀

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind the brand!⠀

I am Vaishnavi, a learner and a "mover". A Googler a decade ago, I moved to UK to pursue a Masters in design. Came back to work in films and children’s theatre. Was yanked away again into UI and UX. Then, came the age of freelancing aplenty! Jan 2018, started selling The Wild. 1 year, 3 games and 2 children later, here I am. ⠀

I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. Everyday, I hope whatever I do means something to someone's life, brings a smile and makes children think at the same time. ⠀

I hope that someday, someone says " Hey, I grew up with her work! They made me choose what I am doing today!"⠀

Tell us the story behind the inception of wildpaper.⠀

When my son was 6 months old, I was looking for some nice flashcards to gift everyone's kids for Christmas, with no luck. So, I decided to create a game myself that could teach in a fun way, just so I could gift it… And that is how "The wild" was born!⠀

There is nothing for me without Paper, where great ideas are birthed and where dreams take shape and fly! The Wild marked my first ever creation for children.Hence was born "wildpaper"! The logo is simple as the true champion is putting words on a paper.⠀

What makes wildpaper unique?⠀

Function over form. I fill the need to tie in learning with fun while nurturing early developmental skills for children in an affordable way. My products also grow with the child by allowing for playing in different ways, as children grow.⠀

What values does wildpaper stand for?⠀

Simplicity,good design for everyone, research and fact based learning, and hard work.⠀

Why list wildpaper on The Nestery?⠀

I worked with Vaishnavi whilst creating the face of the The Nestery! She has great passion and acumen for curating children's' toys & books. I am so happy that my products mean enough that they asked me if I wanted to list with them!⠀

Good luck to you guys for the amazing work you are doing!


Head here to see wildpaper's creations at The Nestery -

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