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#DhoomDhamakaWithoutPatakha - A Sustainable Diwali!

#DhoomDhamakaWithoutPatakha - A Sustainable Diwali!

It was heartwarming to see sustainable living on top of your priorities when we recently did a poll. Dealing with air pollution is a major problem at hand.

We now know that air pollution is very harmful to our children. From respiratory illness, to stunted growth, lower IQ, long term disease risks for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, cancer, so many things are linked to their exposure to air pollution.

And no one in the country is breathing safe air as per WHO norms. Here in NCR, each child is smoking the equivalent of 18 cigarettes a day these days. It’s horrific.

When it comes time for us to “do something” here’s what I recommend:

- Sustainable living - of course, do what you can to reduce your footprint. More on this on future posts but for now, PLEASE look for eco-friendly ways to celebrate one of the biggest festivals in India. Diwali is the festival of lights, not noise and air pollution.
- Lobby for change - public pressure is what will get us clean air. Warrior moms have got together to initiate the change. More details in thr link below.
- Spread awareness - check AQI on a number of free websites and share in all your gazillion groups along with the consequences of unsafe air. One app we particularly like is Airveda. This website is also helpful:

We thank Sherebanu Frosh for doing this writeup, and for being a constant inspiration for the fight for our right to cleaner, healthier air. More information on the awesome work she does here:

Lastly, Happy Diwali and do sign a pledge to celebrate it smoke-free by sending a missed call to 022-6282-0630 and signing this pledge
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