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Cartoon of a child in a pink dress with dark hair and an adult in green t-shirt and yellow jeans with a top knot of dark hair hula-hooping. Caption: 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Moving... Indoors!

FIVE Ways to Keep your Children Moving... Indoors!

As the current wave of Covid-19 peaks, I know many of us are struggling again to keep the kids engaged without going out too often—or at all. Park plans, playground time, swimming sessions are all cancelled! cancelled! cancelled!

For some of us, this means we have a child—or three!—bouncing off the walls, or at least off the living-room sofa while we try to save our laptops. For the rest of us, we have a child stuck to a screen, increasingly glassy-eyed, maybe cranky with the heat… or trailing us complaining of boredom.  

At the Nestery, we really believe that active play is proof of a healthy child. It’s not just the work of childhood or where a child’s happiness is. Moving the body, a whole lot, is as necessary to a child’s immediate health as to their future development. After all, the same muscles that have them climbing monkey bars today will give them a neat handwriting tomorrow. Yes, that’s why e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e is exactly as crucial as eating well, drinking enough water and washing their hands often!

So we thought you’d like an invitation for your child to move their body—in a big way, every day! Here are five products that we really like to keep your child’s body getting stronger and their brains getting nimbler, while they also get happier with a perfect cocktail of serotonin (calming mood-booster hormone), dopamine (reward and motivation hormone) and endorphins (anti-stress hormones). 

  1. For your baby

Tummy time and simply reaching out and grasping are the foundation of future strength training, eye-hand coordination and balance. Choose an attractive and versatile soft toy that has them reaching, engaging and (later) scooting… and even sitting up and getting both hands involved, even perhaps crossing the midline!

2. For your toddler at home

Your growing toddler is also climbing, jumping and all-too-soon, running and swinging. For this stage, we can’t do better than recommend a jungle gym/Pikler triangle type frame that really works on their balance, core body strength and stability—all while feeling like a circus! Of course, these are all things you could get in a playground or the park—but these indoor gyms are perfect for social distancing and safe for the youngest kids, which we unfortunately can’t say for every piece of park equipment.


3. For preschoolers

Want an on-the-go option that can act like a portable party for a pack of preschoolers? Try this fun variation on animal walks and sounds that you can take on a road trip or on a play date, or even your neighbourhood family-friendly restaurant.

Or how about this one?

4. For primary-school kids

Try something a bit more action-oriented and competitive as the little kid grows big? This one also develops social skills by inviting teamwork

5. For big kids—and grown-ups

For a fun game from elementary school to adulthood, try this geography-based variation on Twister: 

You’ll be exercising body and mind, and revising all at the same time.   

Do write in and tell us if we inspired you, the grown-up, to join in with your little one’s antics as well! That would give both you and the youngling a burst of the love and bonding hormone oxytocin as well! 

We could all do with that extra dose of joy to inoculate ourselves against the doom and gloom around, right?

Stay safe, everyone. Stay indoors. Stay active. Stay happy and healthy.

Yours energetically, 

— Team Nestery

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