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Free Printable Board Game: Snakes & Ladders with a viral twist

Free Printable Board Game: Snakes & Ladders with a viral twist

The Covid-19 lock-down, whichever part of the word you are in, has been especially hard on our kids because of the uncertainty around the situation.

Despite having been told why we cannot go out, kids insist on going to the park or a friend’s house and even protest against washing/ sanitising their hands ever so often.

Our friends at Toyroom toys have created this game for kids to understand Corona Virus - the dos and don'ts while having fun playing with the family, learning to take turns while also introducing discussions around relevant concepts like quarantine and social distancing.

This is Toyroom Toys' spin on the humble Snakes and Ladders board game!


How to Use: This can be printed on a plain A4 sheet/ card paper. You can also print on paper and get kids to stick it on cardboard for stability. You can use existing counters/ pegs or any small objects and a regular 6 sided dice from an existing game you might have.


Rules: Exactly like a Snakes and Ladders game. Slide down the virus slide and climb the immunity ladder. Whoever reaches Home first wins!

Sounds simple, right?

Click on this link to get a copy for yourself. :)

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