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In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Alika Vyas of "My Box of Festivals"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Alika Vyas of "My Box of Festivals"

Meet Alika Vyas, the founder of “My Box of Festivals” in conversation with Team Nestery.

👋 Hi! I am Alika Vyas, a parent, an art enthusiast and a marketing communications professional. Parenthood has only leveled up my creativity as I explore DIY toys and crafts to teach my child everything from phonics to mythology to numbers.

This time, I am focusing my energy on creating something that will benefit a lot more parents than just me.

What is “My Box of Festivals”?

💥 MBOF is simply put, a celebration packed in a box! As a parent in this age of screens and limited attention spans, it was important to me that my child get to experience festivals the way I did as a child, even if the traditions themselves have evolved. I have a treasure-trove of unforgettable memories around festivals like listening to tales of Krishna, waiting for hours to see Ravana burn; and helping to prepare the puja delicacies – you know what I mean?

All this led me to channelise my years of marketing experience and my creative instincts to start MBOF. The first edition centres around “Dussehra and Diwali” and more boxes are being planned to represent each Hindu festival we celebrate.

What makes MBOF unique?

💥 We are unique because we have been conceived out of a need – the need to provide children with an immersive experience around festivals in this evolving world. The Diwali edit of MBOF teaches children about Diwali through an artfully designed Ramayana book (written by Harini Srinivasan and illustrated by the illustrious Madhubani artist Devendra Kumar Jha), a game woven around the epic, a Diwali recipe, and a craft activity around Raavan Dahan.

MBOF firmly believes in empowering artisans and remunerating them fairly for their work. Not just that, MBOF is also eco-friendly, sustainable and plastic free.

Why is MBOF at The Nestery?

💥 As a parent, The Nestery has been my one stop shop for all things lovely for my child. As an entrepreneur, I am pleased to add one more new and interesting thing – MBOF to your curated collection!

Intrigued? Check MBOF's Diwali Edition at The Nestery here – (
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