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In Conversation with the Brands We Love -  Meet Avani, Ankita and Shweta of "Whitewater Kids"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Avani, Ankita and Shweta of "Whitewater Kids"

Meet Avani, Ankita and Shweta, the founders of Whitewater Kids - an Indian range of organic kids wear for young children at The Nestery.

Tell us a bit about team WWK 😄

👉We are a team of three spirited Indian women, pursuing our passion to create a community of health-conscious, environment-conscious, and people-conscious individuals. Shweta is a graduate of NID and is the design and strategy expert. Shweta’s friend, Avani brings eons of experience of visual merchandising and training as a fashion designer to the team and takes care of sourcing and production. Ankita trained as a graphic designer at London College of Communication after her studies in communication. Living with a neuro-muscular disorder, she balances her penchant for the good things in life through digital wizardry.

Why the name Whitewater Kids?

👉Shweta - My name means 'white or pure' in Sanskrit and water is linked to an ancient Indian folklore about creation. Together, Whitewater represents purity and beginning of life while also representing momentum - whitewater is never still.

How was WWK conceived?

👉Ankita – Shweta (also my sister!) has had a long standing relationship with crafts-persons in India. The treasured craftsmanship, combined with market research, inspired her to mold Whitewater into the brand it is today. From developing products in 2008, to finally starting the company in 2017, we have come a long way.

What do you think makes WWK unique?

🌫️Unique design - Our prints and fabrics are specially designed based on a poem written by Shweta. They are gender-neutral, unique and ergonomic.

🌫️Small batch-made – We make our apparel in small batches, while fairly compensating the makers.

🌫️We reuse waste - Our waste is a precious resource for us. We recycle our post-production cuttings and fabric in our packaging and to make small items like our teethers.

What are WWK’s values?

👉Avani - Conscious. Connected. Creative. Curious.

Why is WWK at The Nestery?

👉We are at The Nestery because of similar synergies and a shared value system 😊

To see more of Whitewater Kids, head here – (
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