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In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Rashi Gandhi of "Cocobear"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet Rashi Gandhi of "Cocobear"

Today, we are in conversation with Rashi Gandhi, founder of Cocobear, an independent publisher of children’s books made in India. Cocobear is most popularly known for their wonderful “Keep Your Body Safe” set of 5 books and the latest “Diwali Box of Joy” among many other well thought out early learning books and games.

👋 Hi, I am Rashi Gandhi. I am an Experience Designer and teacher. Most people say that becoming a parent spurred them to become an entrepreneur, but I have a slightly different story. Cocobear is a project of passion born after I became an aunt!

How was Cocobear conceived?

🐻 "All of us know the importance of bringing up a reader. How do we make books level up and beat the allure of the screen? How do we make early learning fun?” – this was the thought behind Cocobear’s evolution.

I made a few samples, showed it to my toddler nephew, and he loved it. After extensive consultations with early learning educators and feedback from direct end users (the toddlers themselves!), Cocobear was born!

Our logo is a peeking “Coco” the Bear – a play on a child’s innate curiosity. We want to encourage this natural curiosity in toddlers.

Why are Cocobear’s products unique?

🐻 We are a fresh and young independent Indian children’s publisher. Co-created by parents and teachers, and tested by children, all our books are crafted keeping children in mind. To sum it up – we stand for quality, innovative, children centric products.

Why is Cocobear at The Nestery?

🐻 We love The Nestery’s curated collection, and the wonderful partnership!

Check out Cocobear's range of unique early learning products at The Nestery here - (
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