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#BrandsWeLove #TheNestery #RootsandWings Image shows an Indian woman with medium-length dark hair and brown skin smiling, wearing a floral-printed white saree. Captioned: Meet Shruti of Hapup

In Conversation with the Brands We Love — Meet Shruti of "HapUp"

Today at The Nestery, we are in conversation with Shruti, founder of Hapup, a Hyderabad-based brand that manufactures millet-based foods for children. 

Hapup is a brand of baby foods and toddler-friendly snacks, replete with the nutritional goodness of traditional whole grains, nutrient-dense nuts and seeds—all locally sourced ingredients, minus any sugar, salt or chemical preservatives, just like what your grandparents grew up on. Only, better—because as parent herself, Shruti was able to update the recipes in line with current knowledge of modern nutritional science and healthcare for today's children. 

🔹How was Hapup conceived?

The word "Hapup" originated from my personal experience of feeding my baby. It is a funny Gujarati word used to ask a child to "eat up". It's actually more of a sound and meant to be a playful way of feeding a baby.

🔹What makes Hapup unique?

After 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding my baby, I was looking for healthy and nutritious food to feed my baby to ensure holistic growth and development. After speaking with many paediatricians, nutritionists and eventually even food scientists, I was surprised to see what was available in the market. Baby food that contained sugars, toxic metals and primarily based on only 2 grains—wheat and rice—was shocking to me! This journey led to the (re)discovery of our traditional foods that had got lost over the last few generations, and eventually led to the creation of Hapup.

🔹What would you say are Hapup's values?

Hapup promises to offer 100% natural and nutritional baby foods. Fascinatingly, what we have been able to create with our nutri mixes is a versatile line of products that grows with your baby. You can use the same nutri mix to make porridge for a 6-month-old baby and dosa or chapati for a 1-year-old. This way, as parents, you can incorporate healthy ingredients in your child's daily food without changing your own food habits or lifestyle.

Our brand philosophy is simple—we want to make healthy eating a lifestyle and not something that is followed as a fad.

🔹Who is Shruti when not Founder of Hapup?

Professionally, I come from a finance background, having worked in corporate finance and the venture capital space. After that, I started my first startup in Mumbai, in the product rental space, called RentSetGo. However, it was passion and an innate need to do something more impactful that led me to create Hapup. I enjoy books, mountains, yoga and downtime with my son.

🔹Why is Hapup on the The Nestery?

I think The Nestery is doing a fabulous job in curating top quality baby products from across India, which honestly is a saviour for any new parent. I wish The Nestery was around when I first became a mom.

Check out the Hapup collection here.

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