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In Conversation with the Brands We Love -  Meet The Team of "Luma World"

In Conversation with the Brands We Love - Meet The Team of "Luma World"

How was Luma World conceived?

The journey of Luma World began with a simple question: How do we make academics engaging?

Everyone had their own set of unique problems. Parents couldn’t get their children off digital screens, teachers found it tough to make lessons appealing and children wanted learning to be fun. The problems were many and the solutions, scant.

So, we researched, we toyed, we tested and we tweaked to tackle everything from the gamification of curricula to developing vivid user experiences. Finally, we created a holistic and gratifying experience for all learners. 

The name Luma World has its roots in the Latin word Lumen meaning light or lamp. We want to be the guiding light for a new generation of thinkers and have fun in every step!

What makes Luma  World unique?

We’re a quirky team of educators, creators, and designers who’ve remained kids at heart. Our passion for innovation brought us to the world of learning through play that helps us create products that deliver academic knowledge, life skills, and moral values in a learner-friendly package.

What would you say are Luma World’s values?

Quirkiness, Inclusivity, Honesty, Empathy and Care

Why is Luma World at The Nestery?

An unmistakable similarity in what we promise to every stakeholder. We love that Nestery showed care 

for the brand and customer which makes it the ideal place to nurture our products.


Check out Luma World collection here :

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