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Is cloth diapering for me? A checklist for the Indian parent

Is cloth diapering for me? A checklist for the Indian parent

This is part 2 of our series on cloth diapering.

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In our previous blog post, we discussed the basics of cloth diapers and the different types. Today let's talk about if cloth diapering is a good choice for you.

Pros of cloth diapers: 

  1. They are very eco-friendly as they are made of a combination of synthetic and organic fabrics as opposed to disposable diapers which are made of organic material treated with known harmful chemicals like dioxins and plastic. Disposable diapers take years to decompose.
  2. They are skin-friendly because they don't have the chemicals that disposable diapers do.
  3. The age of langots and big diaper pins is gone! Modern cloth diapers, as shown in part 1 of the cloth diapering series, are as easy to put on and take off as disposable diapers.
  4. They are so cute! They come in really adorable colours and prints.
  5. Cloth diapers are reusable, so they work out far cheaper in the long run as compared to disposable diapers. In fact, there is a thriving preloved market for cloth diapers in India or you can always stow them away and reuse for another baby.

Cons of cloth diapers:

  1. They really add to the laundry pile. Especially with younger babies, they go through several cloth diapers day so they have to be washed everyday or every couple of  days. 
  2. Cloth diapering involves a robust washing routine involving detergents that does not contain any additives. This might be bandwidth that you are not willing to let go off while tending to a small baby. It would take a lot of time and effort to wash a bunch of cloth diapers. 
  3. Cloth diapers take time to dry in winter or in monsoons. However, if you have a dryer, the task of drying cloth diapers is a breeze. Choosing quick-drying variants of cloth diapers like pocket diapers, covers, flats help during these seasons.
  4. If you are squeamish, cloth diapers may not work for you. However, a factor to consider is that the faucets that come with modern toilets today make washing soiled diapers easier.
  5. They can be difficult to use while travelling, especially on airplanes. Also if a trip is long, they add on to the luggage.
  6. The initial investment is high - cloth diapers are on the expensive side to begin with and building a stash of them is expensive. In the long run, they work out cheaper than disposables.

Looking at these pros and cons, what would you choose? Disposable diapers or cloth diapers? 

Overall, cloth diapering does require commitment, effort and some extra costs upfront.

At the same time, the pros outweigh the cons - the sustainability, skin friendly fabrics and low cost in the long haul do make cloth diapers a great choice and one that we would encourage you to make!

This brings us to the close of the second blog on cloth diapering!

To see the other parts of The Nestery's ongoing series on cloth diapering, go here -


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