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The First Time Parent’s Baby Basics – Things you need to have when baby comes home!

The First Time Parent’s Baby Basics – Things you need to have when baby comes home!

The First Time Parent’s Baby Basics – Things you need to have when baby comes home!

The baby is due in a few weeks and as first time parents, you want everything to be ready for when the baby comes home. And trust us - while there are so many things out there for you to buy, that definitely doesn’t mean you need to be seduced into buying everything!

Half of the baby stuff and gear is fluff that you either do not need or is absolutely not good for your baby.

Here is The Nestery’s comprehensive list on the basics you need for when you bring your baby home.


  • Diapers – You are going to need lots and lots of small sized diapers for all those innumerable blow-outs and pees that your baby is going to be doing all through the day. Some parents choose the environmentally friendly cloth diapers, while others choose the more mainstream disposable diapers.
  • Wipes – Believe us, you will run through at least 2 packets a month, even if you are the most frugal person. Cut up old clean rags and discard with one use or use cloth reusable wipes for a more greener diapering journey, or use the mainstream disposable wipes.
  • Diaper bag – For trips with the baby, your diaper bag is your magic hold all that can solve all your baby related emergencies! Keep a spare change of clothes, 4-5 diapers, burp cloth, some cloth hankies, a pack of wipes, a wet bag or a plastic bag for the soiled clothes/cloth diapers, a baby rattle for baby to hold during diaper changes, a diaper changing mat for diapering outside the house, a diaper rash cream or good old coconut oil to protect your baby’s delicate skin from rashes and you are good to go. An extra change of clothes for yourself and formula essentials can also go inside if you use formula for your baby.


  • For breastfed babies, all you really need are your breasts! A burp cloth for spit ups, a nursing pillow and a nursing cover if you are uncomfortable nursing in public are good to have as well.
  • If you are a formula feeding parent, you would need  about 6-8 baby bottles and slow flow nipples, bottle brush and burp clothes along with sufficient formula tins. A sterilizer is a good to have gear to simplify the sterlization process and also saves water in the process.
  • A cozy space for feeding is something that is essential to have set up, because babies guzzle a lot of milk all through the day! That’s a lot of time feeding your baby, so a comfortable chair along with a side table with a book and some snacks are good for your morale while handling your baby’s feeds. Also, lying down and feeding is perfectly safe and a lifesaver for when you are extremely sleep deprived as a new parent.
  • For the nursing parent, keep Nipcare or any other lanolin substitutes on hand for cracked or sore nipples, nursing bras, nursing friendly tops, and nursing covers for feeding in public (if you are not comfortable nursing in public).


  • If you are using a crib for your baby, ensure there are no loose bedding, blankets, pillows, and bumpers being used because all these may cause SIDS. Use fitted sheets and sleep sacks for the baby while sleeping in the crib.
  • For co-sleeping or bed-sharing as well, ensure there are no loose sheets, blankets or pillows near baby.
  • You do not need caps, socks or mittens for your baby. Caps and socks prevent baby from regulating their body temperature and can result in an overheated baby while mittens prevent babies from exploring and receiving tactile feedback from their hands. Just cut the baby’s nails regularly.
  • You do not need to swaddle your baby either because swaddling when done incorrectly can also result in SIDS or over-heating or hip dysplasia.


  • Bath tub is a safe option for giving your baby a bath, but always keep one hand on baby while giving bath.
  • While there is no need to bathe the baby every day, keep a baby safe soap and shampoo for occasional use. Wiping down baby with a washcloth or just plain water baths are fine for other times.
  • Bath towels and washcloths for the baby.
  • Baby lotion or good old coconut oil for after bath moisturization.


  • Full onesies or half onesies depending on the weather.
  • Jablas with tie-ups or snappy buttons for home wear during summer.
  • No cap, socks or mittens for baby.
  • Some dressier outfits for when you have visitors or for special occasions.
  • Do not go overboard and splash out too much on newborn clothes because they will not stay little for long and outgrow clothes very soon.
  • Pre-loved clothes are great options for saving a ton of money!
  • No shoes – your baby isn’t going to be walking anytime soon.
  • No baby powder – the talc in baby powders are carcinogenic and really terrible for your baby.



  • At six months, a booster or high chair if your family dines at the table, else the floor works well for seating while weaning to solids.
  • A birth to toddlerhood ergonomic baby carrier for outings with the child or even for calming the child at home.
  • A stroller, if your city is stroller friendly.
  • A play gym for sensory play or tummy time for the baby is nice to have although not necessary.
  • Car seat for safe travel during on road travel.
  • Play pen if you would like to leave the child in a safe place while doing chores.
  • No bouncers, swings, rockers, bumbos, jumperoos, walkers or any other gear that has child off the floor or restricts his movements. Floor time helps babies to achieve their developmental milestones faster while all these gears delay developmental milestones. A good rule of thumb is – anything that keeps baby off the floor during his wakeful hours is not required, and indeed detrimental to baby’s development.


  • Baby nail clippers
  • Thermometer

Remember, babies stay little for a really short time and really, all they need is to be fed, cleaned, clothed and cuddled for the initial few months!

Thank us later for making your life easy, especially when you are about to be hit by one of your life’s most definitive and transformative experiences – parenting!

You are welcome.


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