Becoming parents makes us better in so many ways, but the one area where it ups our game dramatically is effectively managing our time while managing multiple priorities (read baby, work, home).


Some manage their day through to-do lists, some use bullet journals, some use the pomodoro system to get those tasks completed.


With the new year already here, we at the nestery have compiled a daily organizer that will be a boon to multi-tasking parents.


We found the sweet spot between too descriptive and too abstract. It contains two columns comprising of work and personal task/chore lists. You can include events, reminders here as well. There is a meal planer section that simplifies the ever dreaded, "What should we make?". We totally understand how this seemingly never ending question can grate on your nerves. There is a section where you can list the items to buy for the house, child, or self. You can add the dwindling salt stores or that birthday gift for the party on Tuesday evening.


You can download the free printable here.