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13 Things to do with Kids this Summer!

13 Things to do with Kids this Summer!

13 things to do with kids this summer (most won’t cost you a body part)!


Indian summers are known for being hot, hotter and hottest. It is that time of the year once again when the kids have summer vacations and while you are happy to have them at home initially, it does get overwhelming after a point. Sound familiar?


Here is The Nestery’s cheat sheet on acing the summer vacations with your kids and having lots of fun while at it. The best part? Most of these activities do not cost much!


  • Early morning beach visits – If you live in a coastal area, catch the sunrise at the beach. Indulge in some sand construction and build a sandcastle or two. Follow it up with hot breakfast outside.
  • Park picnics in the evenings – Slather mosquito repellent on you and child, carry dinner, a mat and a ball or Frisbee along for some outdoor fun in the evening. The sun has stopped blazing and it is breezy enough at a park with a vibrant green cover. Thank us later.
  • Water play in the bathrooms or a shady balcony – Choose a shady balcony, or a bathroom, some bath toys and a huge tub of water and let the kids go to town with water play. Use the reject water of the AC or RO unit for a more sustainable water play and add in some sabudana and food colors for added sensory effect.
  • Rainbow rice – Sensory play contributes to language and cognitive development, while enhancing fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills and social interactions. Buy cheap rice, about 2 kgs, portion and mix with liquid food colors, and let dry. Use a big tub; provide a few props and cups and spoons for open ended play. Semolina and vermicelli are also great aids for sensory play – spread in a tray and watch your kids play for hours while you relax.Rainbow Rice
  • Early morning market visit to buy fruits and vegetables – Children will love this multi-sensorial exercise! Take them to a nearby market; let them experience the sights and sounds of a market! Let your kids touch, feel and choose seasonal fruits (mangoes and litchis – yumm!) and vegetables and indulge in a healthy breakfast! Learning to pick groceries is a life skill that your children will thank you later for.
  • Visit your city planetarium for an out of the world experience – literally.  Kids will enjoy looking through huge telescopes and learning about the solar system. Most planetariums are air-conditioned and also run shows for kids, look up the local planetarium website for more information.
  • Popsicles for the win! – Make popsicles to beat the summer heat. Involve the kids in the preparation and pouring into moulds. Teach them delayed gratification while they wait for the popsicles to freeze! We really loved this popsicle recipe for its healthy aspect!
  • Water Amusement Parks/Swimming Pool – The most expensive thing on our list - hit the nearest water amusement parks or swimming pools for some cool water play! Do not forget to slather on the sun screen!
  • Painting bathroom and floor tiles with water colors – Prop the child in the bathroom with minimal clothing, a brush and water colors. Painting the bathroom tiles is fun! If too humid, move to the drawing room and paint the floor! Fret not – water colors wash off very easily.
  • Play dates at your home – How about enjoying some adult conversation while kids who are already acquainted play with each other at your home? Invite a couple of the child’s school or neighbourhood friends and parents over for unstructured play and a meal in the comfort of your home!
  • Museum trips – Use these trips as a way to travel in the less expensive public transport (metro, yay!) and visit your city museums for lessons in history and culture.
  • Play areas – Yeah, we know, they are expensive! Choose a day when you are feeling flush with money and make a date with another parent. Laze in the café of the play area with your cold coffees while the kids have a blast!
  • Libraries – Ever visited your local library? Some local and public libraries are a revelation. They are less frequented nowadays with the advent of the Kindle but house a wealth of literature, both kids and adults. The best part? You don’t need to buy the books! Just pay a paltry amount to borrow the books and return them once you are done reading. Sustainable, right?

Let us know in the comments section of the blog below if you have any more fun ideas for acing the summer vacations with kids!