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10 Common Cloth Diapering Mistakes

10 Common Cloth Diapering Mistakes

Welcome to Part 3 of our ongoing series on cloth diapering. 

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While being enthusiastic about your choice to cloth diaper is great, there could be some roadblocks along the way. This post covers the 10 most common cloth diapering mistakes that parents make and how to avoid them.

  1. Investing in a huge stash of cloth diapers to begin with - It is better to buy a few different types and styles of diapers to start off with and see what suits your baby. Remember, the cute diaper that you see online or the one your friends swear by, may not work for you.
  2. Not prepping cloth diapers before use - Prepping cloth diapers is essential for them to become absorbent. Diapers with synthetic fabrics need to be washed and dried just 1-2 times to become usable. However, diapers with natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo need to be washed and dried at least 4-5 times to start working.
  3. Not having enough cloth diapers - Once you’ve decided which diapers work for you, make sure that you have enough diapers. Too small a stash and you’ll be washing and drying diapers daily. And there is always the possibility of running out of diapers! We recommend having a stash of 24-36 cloth diapers for your baby.
  4. Not storing cloth soiled diapers properly - Rinse out your pee soaked cloth diapers and dump out and wash poop from your dirty diapers. Then store them in either a wet bag or an open diaper pail. This prevents any mould or bacterial growth.
  5. Not washing cloth diapers often enough - Cloth diapers need to be washed at least every 2 days. Longer than that and the performance of your diapers will suffer.
  6. Not using the right detergent to wash cloth diapers - Most common detergents have harmful additives like bleach and fabric softeners along with added scents. These are bad for both the diapers and your baby’s skin. Your cloth diapers need to be washed with an additive and fragrance free basic clothes washing detergent. Try Tide or Surf Excel and use the amount recommended by the manufacturer.
  7. Not washing cloth diapers properly - Diapers need to be pre washed in a washing machine, followed by a full wash cycle. If you are hand washing, make sure to agitate and scrub the diapers very well to remove and rinse to remove any leftover detergent. Diapers can be air dried or dried using a clothes dryer.
  8. Using a regular diaper rash cream - This affects the quality of the diapers long term and their absorption. You can safely use coconut oil to treat rashes or cloth diaper friendly rash creams. Plus, check your wash routine in case of rashes!
  9. Not changing cloth diapers often enough - Cloth diapers need to be changed every 3-4 hours during the day. This prevents leakage. Nighttime diapers do last longer, but they are usually used in the daytime.
  10. Purchasing all your cloth diapers new - It is always a good idea to buy new diapers and we have a great collection of cloth diapers for you at The Nestery. At the same time, there is also a thriving market for preloved cloth diapers in India. Don’t hesitate to buy second hand as long as the diapers are clean and well taken care of.

That’s it folks! As long as you avoid these 10 common cloth diapering mistakes, your cloth diapering journey will go very smoothly - you’ll have a great and fully functional stash of cloth diapers and an adorable baby or toddler wearing them!

If you need more information and advice on cloth diapering - check out The Cloth Diapering India (CDI) group on Facebook. It is a great place to resolve any queries. And of course, do keep following our cloth diapering blog series here -

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