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Let's be kind, nice and be the tribe that pulls each other up. #Donotjudge


This is a safe space #Donotjudge

Parents come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments.

We can be especially mean and judgmental towards anything that doesn’t fit into our unique definition of normal.

  • Oh! working parent, must spend no time with their child
  • Oh! stay at home parent, must have no ambition or drive
  • Oh! lenient parent, kids these days run amok because of lenient parents like this
  • Oh! disciplinary parent, don’t they have a heart!
  • Oh! single parent, god knows what go them into this situation
  • Oh! Babywearing, that baby will suffocate in that bag
  • Oh! multi-racial parents
  • Oh! screen-time
  • Oh! Formula
  • Oh! Breastfeeding
  • Oh! An insta worthy life
  • Oh! The hermit

And it goes on and on...

We can never presume to know the story behind their situation. Until we don’t, let us be kind to one another. Let us empower one another. #Donotjudge a fellow parent, we all do our very best for our little people in our own way.

We reap what we sow. Our children learn by watching us. Let us strive to be more inclusive, kind, empathetic and lend a helping hand when we see another of our tribe struggling.


**Please click here to get a free printable of a postcard that you can give anonymously or otherwise to parents you admire. A little acknowledgement to a fellow parent goes a long way.

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